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What is drive/rest times?

Drive/rest times are a set of rules that determine how long time a driver can drive before they are obligated to rest. The rules can seem pretty complicated and confusing. The most important things you’ll have to know about this is as followed:

  1. The driver’s uninterrupted running time can’t exceed 4,5 hours. Therefore, it can be necessary to place some pauses on your route, if you have to drive longer than that.
  2. The daily running time can’t exceed 10 hours.
  3. Within 24 hours the driver has to have 11 hours of uninterrupted rest, which means that the ride can’t exceed 15 hours a day.

Read about all the drive/rest time rules here.


How much luggage can we bring?

In mini buses (10-19-person) there will often only be space for luggage in the cabin, which means under the seats and on the hat shelf. In bigger buses there will also be space under the bus for luggage, which is enough to cover most needs. If you need more space for example for skies, you should submit that you also want to rent a trailer.

How fast do the bus go?

In 2013 it was decided that buses can go 100 km/h on the highway, if they are tempo 100 approved. If they aren’t approved, they can only go 80 km/h. Therefore, it can be a good idea to specify that you want a tempo 100 bus, if you are heading for a long ride. Because buses generally drive slower than cars, we suggest that you add about 20% on top of the normal travel time.

How big a group can I order a bus for?

You can order a bus for as many passengers as you wish. If you for example have to transport 1000 persons, then we will find the company who has the capacity for that.

Does the bus include a driver?

Yes, unless you ask for anything else there will always be a driver in the price.


What is 3bustilbud.dk?

3bustilbud.dk is an online arrangement platform, where you can get 3 quotes on bus rides all around the country free and non-binding.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free. However, the bus companies pay a small fee to give a quote on your request, so we would appreciate that you only make a serious request. If you are interested in getting a quote on how much your ride will be, you are welcome to contact us on info@3bustilbud.dk.

Is it binding?

No, it is completely non-binding. However, if you choose to accept one of the bus companies’ quote, it is their specific terms and rules that count. But the majority of companies will let you cancel the order a short time before the trip for free.


How much time will it take to get my 3 quotes?

We are determined to hand over the 3 quotes within 48 hours, except weekends and holidays. That, however, is depended on many factors such as the length of the trip and the general busyness of the companies. If you need the quotes before 48 hours, you are welcome to add that to the request in the box “other requests” or contact us on the phone: +45 71 99 08 60

The chosen bus company and I have disagreements

If you are experiencing disagreements with your company, we recommend that you try to solve this through dialogue. If you can find a compromise, then you should contact the relevant complaint boards. 3bustilbud.dk is an arrangement platform and has therefore no responsibility or authority to try to solve the problem between the bus company and you.


What is the cost of your service?

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You are welcome call us or write an E-mail.

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