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Here at 3bustilbud.dk we have a vision about contributing to a greener Denmark. This vision couldn’t be possible, if it at the same time involved price-increasing and troublesome demand for the bus companies. That is why, we have tried to develop two initiatives, that besides helping the environment, also contribute to a bigger profitability for each bus company.

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Besides being a communication company between costumers and companies, 3bustilbud.dk also work as a portal, that fills up the empty busses with passengers. Imagine for example:

Bus company A has to drive a group of costumers from Aarhus to Copenhagen, where they have to be driven back the week after. The same day bus company B has to drive a team of costumers the opposite way from Copenhagen to Aarhus.

This is how it works today

Both companies drive their route. After arriving to the destination, the two companies drive empty over the bridge damaging both the environment – And the companies’ and costumer’s wallets.

This is how it would work with 3bustilbud.dk

The bus companies coordinate, through our portal, the trips between them. Then, for example, company A agrees to drive company B’s costumers, as well as their own, home and gets paid for it.

By doing it like this, both companies avoid the expenses that is associated with empty running, which will reduce the price to the costumer. On top that the Co2 emission is minimized and we are helping the environment.


Through many years of experience with the bus industry, we have seen a pattern in which private persons often don’t know what bus companies that are near them. Their lack of knowledge has resulted in them often ordering bus companies who are located far away. These bus companies have driven long distances just to pick up the costumers. Thereby the costumers have gotten a higher price than possible, and it has at the same time emitted a lot of Co2. But that has to come to an end.

When costumers contact us with requests, we will search for fitting bus companies in the local area. That way, the price is lower and Co2 emission is kept at a minimum.

Do you need to attach your schedule for the day? – Then send it to info@3bustilbud.dk or go to our contact formula here, where you can attach the document.

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